1. KacperDzn

    Branding Tips!

    Hello guys, I am a graphics designer and I came here to share some tips about how to correctly brand your media/channel! 1) Make it fit your channel! - You don't want a specific game series banner on your channel if you do vlogs! So make sure it relates to your channel! 2) Make it attractive...
  2. Digi Syndicate


    Hey guy's, So I've made an overlay template for all of you for free! It can be easily customized! Download link in the description of my latest video, go to my channel below!
  3. F

    Services Im editing intro templates for you

    Go visit my channel if you want me to make an intro from one of the templates, or subscribe for daily template uploads. Channel name: Forcetro Thank you very much ;))))
  4. MapleStream

    Request [Free] Looking for a thumbnail template for Stardew Valley

    Hey there, Ray here! I'm looking for a thumbnail template for Stardew Valley. The one I'm currently using looks very flat. So if anyone could help me that would be great. Sadly I can't pay anyone because I'm broke af :( I also don't have PhotoShop so if you could send me a blank template and the...
  5. HighSocietyGaming

    How Can I Make a Good Custom Thumbnail Template?

    Hey everyone! A few days back I posted a thread in the channel review discussion and I received some feedback. The feedback was exactly what I was looking for and I have a few ideas stirring up in my head. I want to add a template to all my thumbnails. If you look up Zero Productions or...
  6. batslyfe

    Request [Free] Can somebody edit this template for me?

    Hey, I was wondering if any of you guys can edit a template for me? Skype me @ batslyfe and i'll send you the link :)
  7. RKMFX

    Services Free Intro Templates For Your Videos ( √ )

    Hey Guys!! I have been making intro templates for a very long time. Recently i started a channel where i provide free intro templates for Sony Vegas Pro. I have 2D, 3D, Logo intro templates available on my channel with free direct download link. I hope you guys will like my work. Thanks...
  8. NotANoob

    Request Looking for someone to edit an AfterFX intro template.

    Hi! I'm just looking for someone to edit an Adobe After Effects + Cinema 4D intro template for me in 1080p 60fps. The template I want to be edited will be sent to the first people that contact me on Skype. I would do it myself but I do not have After Effects or Cinema 4D. Sadly I cannot pay you...
  9. AuthorFilms Studios

    Classy 2D Intro [GIVEAWAY]

    Im giving away 'Classy 2D Intro' FREE to one lucky commenter on my video. Once it reaches 15 likes the winner will be chosen!
  10. AuthorFilms Studios

    Epic Youtube Intro

    I think I did pretty well on this one. Does anyone have any feedback on how to make it even better?
  11. C

    Services Cheap customizable thumbnail template

    I have made a simple Photoshop thumbnail template for users who don't want to go and spend to much or someone who wants to make their own thumbnails. *You will need Photoshop to use* If you don't have Photoshop you can download the free 30 day trial or the free old version which I cant think of...
  12. Travi5


    So, I recently I made a different template to use in Vegas to upload to Youtube 1080p 30fps. When I rendered out my video I was shocked how quickly it completed compared to my older .mp4 and .avi templates. this saved me hours per video and I am not exaggerating. Quality was never effected in...
  13. Callico

    Services Free FIFA 16 Channel Banner!

    Hey guys, you can get a free YouTube banner all thanks for me hitting 500 subscribers...
  14. Callico

    Just hit 500 subscribers!

    Hey Guys, I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for hitting this milestone now only 500 more subscribers until the big 1000 subscribers. To celebrate 500 subscribers I have released a Free FIFA 16 YouTube banner template. Enjoy!