1. MeezyJenner

    Vlog Collabs?

    Hey guys, So I've been gone finishing up school and since its summer I wanted to get back into Youtube, I was wondering if anyone wants to collaborate, I don't have any material yet but we can discuss some ideas. Shoot me an email if your interested. Yrmezzzy@gmail.com
  2. Maia Hadfield

    Vlog teen vloggers!!

    okay, so i haven't posted on my channel in probably over six months, shame on me. that's mainly because i want to change the look of my channel to nice and not so gross. I'm looking for people to collab with so we can help each other with ideas and promote each other! let me know if you're...
  3. Alfie Mann

    Vlog Brighton teen vlogger's hang out?

    Hey there everyone, my name is Alfie and on Saturday/Sunday I will be travelling to brighton... Anyone free to meet up and hang out and vlog and do some stuff... Just play games on the pier and create a fun vlog for all channels involved? I have a special thing happening at the end of...
  4. Nessa

    Other Starting a Collab Channel?

    Hi. I was wondering if someone would like to start a collab channel (You still keep your main channel). We would be posting daily videos (once a week per person) and having weekly themes. Age 14 - 17 or around that. And every week someone gets to chose the theme. Whether it’s from our group...
  5. L

    Vlog looking for a collab

    looking to collar with another youtuber with over 90 subs i have 89 subs and i am a blogger and i want to do a video with someone living in the united kingdom in england also before you ask to collaborate with me check out my channel LiamLarnerVlogs and someone between the age of 13-16