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  1. OndaWire

    Best usb-c hub for mac, pc and android users

    Follow me on YouTube and Facebook for more crazi-NESS and tech reviews! This USB-C hub works on all Apple, Windows and Android devices that have USB-C! Stop paying for that "upgraded" computer to get extra ports when you can have this for much less money!
  2. KateTop

    Vlog Collaboration! Tech stuff!

    Hey guys, I'm from the Names project. We are looking for small youtubers who would like to collab. We have a tech youtube channel. So, if you're interested in, don't be shy! You can write us on our e-mail, or find us on Youtube!
  3. ProXima123

    NASA Discovers Life On Mars?! - Organic Material and Methane may be Evidence of Ancient Life

    On june 7th, NASA announced that their curiosity rover has found organic matter on the martian surface, found in the soil, Carbon compounds found in a 3 billion year old mudstone in Gale crater uncovers the possibility of previous life on mars. Mars’ curiosity rover only having drilled a few...
  4. ProXima123

    NASA Sending a Helicopter To Mars?!

    Nasa has long been able to prove the feasibility and benefit of sending land rovers and machines to mars’ to study and experiment on Mars’ surface. Now Nasa wants to prove that they are able to send a self sustaining flying machine to fly over the surface of mars. So why not send a helicopter...
  5. GeoTechRyan


    Sorry if this has been posted a million times before, but can someone give me advice on creating better thumbnails. As i seem to struggle with creating them.
  6. Abdullah Ajmal

    Other Looking someone to collab with

    Hello. I make gaming, technology and more videos, so i would appreciate it if anyone could collab with me. Thanks!
  7. J

    Other Looking For Tech Channels to Group Up With

    The title pretty much speaks for itself. It's somewhat lonely to be doing YouTube solo, I want a small group that I can relate to, bounce ideas off of, and grow together. My channel currently stands at about 400 subs, I try my best to be a little different, and try to provide the best quality I...