tech collab

  1. WesleysTechTime

    Other Tech Channel Chirstmas Collaboration

    Hello everyone. My name is Wesley. I run a YouTube channel called WesleysTechTime. I want to make a top 10 tech guide for the holiday, and would love to get other people in on it. You don't really have to be a tech channel, but would prefer it. I am wanting to do this because it would help us...
  2. E

    New Apps

    Hey I review app and need some app recommendation? Any app out their that awesome but not visible to certain audiences?
  3. E

    Other Looking for Collaboration on YouTube

    :help:Hello every one :) My name is Ehsan and I have aYouTube channel that I do Unboxing and Tech review. I would love to get some of you to collaborate with. If you like to join my channel and have me on your channel for collaboration please let me know.:angel: Thank You
  4. DarcyWhibley

    Gaming Cheap Tech videos!

    If your a gamer that loves technology then you will love the sound of my Tech Tuesday Series I'm starting. I'm will supply you will an outline of a script so you know what to talk about, add your unique channel twist to your parts however, make sure you add a bit of comedy. If that sound good...
  5. J

    Other Looking For Tech Channels to Group Up With

    The title pretty much speaks for itself. It's somewhat lonely to be doing YouTube solo, I want a small group that I can relate to, bounce ideas off of, and grow together. My channel currently stands at about 400 subs, I try my best to be a little different, and try to provide the best quality I...