tag video

  1. Boseen

    Autumn tag

    I may be early but I saw this online and knew I wanted to recreate on as well. I know you have to be tagged for it, but I just did it anyway >.<
  2. MorganKelley

    Beauty/Makeup Looking for more collabs

    Hey everyone If you use discord I opened up a discord channel (which is a free messaging/voice service) for smaller youtubers to join and be able to easily connect with others immediately https:// discord.gg/ 3X65QZH Thanks everyone! you'll have to delete the spaces between discord and // and...
  3. Meredith Bryan


    Hi everyone ! ! Who wants to get to know me better ? Fifteen random things about yours truly . . . .
  4. Justine

    Youtube Tag with a Gamer!

    So I usually post gaming videos, which is why I'm posting this here, but I got tagged to do a Youtube tag video so here it is! Again, most of my content is gameplay which is why I'm posting this here so you should totally check out my normal gameplay stuff, but in the meantimes heres a cool tag...
  5. javacentral

    Tag tips?

    So I got tubebuddy and somehow got really stinkin good tags on one of my videos to get over 1000 views (Yahoo!!) but having that be a consistent thing isn't easy. Any tips on continuously getting good tags?
  6. SeanFace101

    How Many Tags Do You Add?

    When uploading your videos, how many Tags d you add to them? Do you add as many as it lets you? or not many?
  7. AntoNeo

    Input? Intro Video

    So I'm planning on making an "introduction"-type video in order to connect with potential subscribers/future audience. I was thinking that maybe I could do one of those "25 Things About Me" tag videos, but I'm not sure...what have you guys done (vloggers mainly) to connect with your audience?