1. OndaWire

    Stop the internet Buffering for good

    Follow me on YouTube and FaceBook at "OndaWire" for more Crazi-NESS! :thumbsup2: This is a review of the Velop Home WiFi Mesh System by Linksys. This Linksys Wifi mesh system is the best wifi system you can get and is all the home internet that you will ever need. Give areas of your house...
  2. T

    DSLR or System-Cam? I can´t decide

    Hey Guys! :) In a few weeks, I am going to start my YouTube Channel (I will introduce myself in the forum as soon as I am satisfied with the appearance of my channel). I will record cooking videos with oriental recipes. I am currently using my iPhone for the cutting board and my DSLR Nikon...
  3. 1

    [LOCKED - fake news] New YouTube Like/Dislike Punishment System?

    Recently a YouTuber made a video about their videos getting a lack of views and realised it was because of the new punishment system that applies from the 1st of Jan 2017. For example, channels with 2x the amount of dislikes than likes can't have their videos monitized anymore. Channels with...
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