1. TJTV

    Meet Up/Gathering Australian Youtubers to Collab - Challenges and/or Skits

    Just looking to do some fun collabs with other small YouTubers. We are two sisters who enjoying doing fun challenges - mostly for a tween to teen audience, and who ever else enjoys watching. We have just under 40 followers, and willing to collab with YouTubers of any size. Preferably looking...
  2. TemiiDee


    Hi there! I'm Temii and I'm really interested in doing collaborations with upcoming youtubers. I haven't gotten as far as what content to post if I were to do a collab as I'm curious as to weather or not people will reach out? If you're a newer youtuber with not many subscribers (most welcome...
  3. Blakeusness

    My City - Sydney (Night Noodle Markets)

    Hi guys! would really appreciate it if you checked out my new video I just made, just wanted to share the beauty of my city with everyone!