Sunday Not So Fun Day! - VLOG #211

    Today was a long hard day. It was a Sunday not so fun day! There are a lot of positive things going on too.
  2. Liam O’Doyle

    Committing to an upload schedule

    I’ve just recently announced in a video that i’m going to upload every Sunday evening. Something i’m doing to make sure I don’t miss it, is to upload when i have time in the week as “scheduled” so it goes live by itself. I’m going to try really hard to stick to this as i think it will be a...
  3. Hazzador

    Shoutout Sunday and Spammers outside the gaming community

    I have a gaming channel and get to see a lot of spammers in the community. Things like shoutout sundays are also all over the place and its just just annoying. I was just wondering if people who have other sorts of channels have people like this in their comment section and stuff, outside of the...
  4. Occasional Vlog

    what do americans call a tap? daily vlog #38

    It's a slow start this Sunday, but to be honest when isn't Sunday a slow start. Though that said teenager was driven over to work, I'll say that again, our 16 year old teenager, not long finished school, is spending Sunday working, wow.
  5. Occasional Vlog

    sleepy sunday with shed loads of snoozing. daily vlog #3

    It was hard work, but snoozing, resting, napping, snoring etc was on the to do list for the day. I think we excelled at it. EJ x