1. WilBajamas

    My " What Game Is This??? " Series

    Wasabi Peeps!! It's~~ ME WilBajamas. And welcome to my "What Game Is This??? " Series. This series is me playing weird or funny games...I hope that you will enjoy it or maybe give some feedbacks and comments. My First What Game Is This : QWOP This game is seriously hard to play. I didn't make...
  2. WilBajamas

    Learning How to Eat A Popsicle? This Is A Tutorial~~

    It's me again everyone, and today I'm playing my 2nd "What Game Is This?" game lol. This game is really really really weird, this video might not be comfortable for some people but I do hope for those of you who watched this will like it!! Anyway this game is called SUCCULENT!! You can learn a...