1. R

    HONEST opinion about this food and travel channel

    So I've been doing the youtube thing for about 10 months now and i'd say my results are pretty mediocre. Just a little background my channel is strictly about my food and travel journeys (mainly in London). At the time of posting this I have 90 subs. I've seen some other channels with less...
  2. Ballistic

    Gaming Call of Duty BO2

    Looking to do a hide and seek collab for bo2 Looki for between 100+ subs
  3. Bentura Madrid

    100 Subscribers! Oh Yeah!!

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to announce my channels first milestone... 100 subscribers! Thank you all. My next video will be an extra special one! Now on to 500 :0) Channel: Digital Bird Music Nest Thanks, Bentura Madrid
  4. M

    Gaming Ps4 Gain subs from each others creativity

    Looking for some people with a decent amount of subs to do a collab video with on youtube i currently have 79 subs and im still rising i need someone with 50 and up subs i play on ps4: Destiny, Overwatch, Gtav, Rainbow 6, and dying light anyone interested in a collab add my psn Gunzormelee and...