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  1. RandyFromTandy

    Secret To Growing Channel

    #1 Strategy: Don't waste your time and work. We all know that YouTube’s notifications work sporadically and channels get taken down for arbitrary reasons only known to YouTube. These are problems because missed notifications lower your video views and a channel take down causes work loss and...
  2. U

    Please i need help in getting subscribers for my youtube

    Hello all, please i recently decided to focus on youtube and i will need the help of everyone on this platform to get subscribers so we can all win together. I have seen youtube change the lives of folks around me.
  3. Lost Paradise

    HELP! Editing ideas

    Basically my old youtube channel took a long time to build up but now i have moved into a new niche, and im struggling to get people to my channel, what would be the best way to get organic viewers. Im also loooking to get new ideas in editing. I also want subscribers so people can follow for...
  4. Joc Promise

    How to get subscribers

    Hey guys, teach me, how can I get subscribers very fast on my channel?,
  5. Joc Promise

    Vlog New vlogging ideas

    Someone to give me new ideas on what I should vlog about?
  6. GrannyGamer

    Just hit my 1000 subs, 6404 watch hours in 6 months!!!!!

    Hey guys, time for a brag :dance: I just hit my 1000 subs and had already reached my watch hours a couple of months ago.My first video was published on 3rd January this year so I managed to achieve this in just over 6 months and I'm super happy right now. My channel has automatically gone into a...
  7. C

    Hot Topic New monetization changes: 4k hours & 1k subs (**discussion here only**)

    They increased the req to get into it again.
  8. SwaggyIndian

    Subscriber milestone

    I hit 1,000 subs a couple days ago.