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  1. U

    Please i need help in getting subscribers for my youtube

    Hello all, please i recently decided to focus on youtube and i will need the help of everyone on this platform to get subscribers so we can all win together. I have seen youtube change the lives of folks around me.
  2. Lost Paradise

    HELP! Editing ideas

    Basically my old youtube channel took a long time to build up but now i have moved into a new niche, and im struggling to get people to my channel, what would be the best way to get organic viewers. Im also loooking to get new ideas in editing. I also want subscribers so people can follow for...
  3. Joc Promise

    How to get subscribers

    Hey guys, teach me, how can I get subscribers very fast on my channel?,
  4. Joc Promise

    Vlog New vlogging ideas

    Someone to give me new ideas on what I should vlog about?
  5. GrannyGamer

    Just hit my 1000 subs, 6404 watch hours in 6 months!!!!!

    Hey guys, time for a brag :dance: I just hit my 1000 subs and had already reached my watch hours a couple of months ago.My first video was published on 3rd January this year so I managed to achieve this in just over 6 months and I'm super happy right now. My channel has automatically gone into a...
  6. C

    Hot Topic New monetization changes: 4k hours & 1k subs (**discussion here only**)

    They increased the req to get into it again.
  7. SwaggyIndian

    Subscriber milestone

    I hit 1,000 subs a couple days ago.