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  1. Pierre Maynard

    Need an Honest review

    So i have made a second channel, and would like you to review it and what could be improved. This can be anything ranging from, choice of graphics, Quality of content including visual and audio as well as any other little detail that could make the difference. Thank you very much, I appreciate...
  2. CorporalKilljoy


    Just made it past the 300 subscriber mark this month. Didn't think it would get this far this quick lol. If anyone would like to check it out and support the channel by liking and subscribing, it would be really helpful for the channel to grow, and would be much appreciated thank you Channel...
  3. ShawnMcCallum

    Just Reached Over 6000 Channel Views!!

    I just passed the 6000 view mark! Hoping for another 60, 000 in the months to come! Adventure Vlogs Comedy Shorts Positive Vibes I hope at least another 6000 people want that!