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  1. themoosan

    6 months on YouTube!

    hi I'm themoosan, I have now been on YouTube for 6 months and I love making videos, I think I need to post a bit more as I have been lacking in uploads but in half a year I have got 61 subs and about 1,200 views :) I'm pretty happy with that. Goal for 2016 is getting to 100 subs and 2,500 views...
  2. Abby Zinn

    Meet Up/Gathering South central Pennsylvania

    Hello friends, i am Abby Zinn and was hoping we could start reply back and forth for us youtubers near each other. You know what i mean. Also anyone that is near me atleast obviously i will subacribe. Im an hour from lancaster and 45 mins from the inner harbor. Leta do this.