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  1. snowielove1

    Services I’ll sub to you if you sub to me(:

    Just comment your channel and sub to my channel and I’ll sub to you. if you don’t want to see my content just turn off notifications❤ My channel: Note:I don’t know if this is allowed but if it is not I will take it down if asked(by a mod)
  2. J

    Gaming New Member

    Hello to everyone I am new on here and just started gaming on YouTube. I play PC games but sometimes use emulators to play other systems. I am here to help the community as much as I can. I hope to gain subscribers and views just as well as anyone else and I am also here to support what I ask...
  3. ExpiredYT

    Need Collaboration buddy!

    Looking for a collab partner on xbox to do a gaming video with. Must be 16 or older
  4. A

    Vlog .

  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get More Subscribers on YouTube by ADDING VALUE

    How To Get More Subscribers on YouTube by ADDING VALUE // Part 2 in my YouTube Get More Subscribers series looking into the importance of adding value to peoples lives and making sure they have a reason to watch you and your content. You have to learn to be SELFLESS and lead with value, rather...
  6. R

    I REACHED 200 subs in 30 days!!!

    I have a tarot reading channel and after 1 month of hard and consistent work I finally reached 200 subs!!! Any advice on how to grow more?
  7. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Content creators like this!...

    My latest vid on my channel is the type of creators i want
  8. I

    Request I need a logo and banner please

    my YouTube is its Trevor I don't have any money to give but I can give you a shout out or sub
  9. Dymund

    Get subscribers

    hi guys So I’m quite new to YouTube ( month and half) and I was wondering how I get get more people to watch my videos. I think my video quality is pretty good. But people are just not watching how can I improve on this
  10. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

  11. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

  12. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get YouTube Subscribers

  13. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Grow Your Channel From 0 Subscribers [CHAT & Q&A]

    How To Grow Your Channel From 0 Subscribers and 0 Views // It can be hard growing your YouTube channel From 0 Subscribers. We all want to know how grow your YouTube subscribers and views. The new Youtuber grind to get more subscribers on YouTube when you have 0 may seem challenging when you are...
  14. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Make A Youtube Subscribe Link 2018

    How To Make A Youtube Subscribe Link 2018 // Create YouTube Auto Subscriber Link can help you convert viewers into more subscribers quickly. Make it easier for viewers to subscribe by making a YouTube Channel Subscribe Link that you can share on social media and add to your channel page links...
  15. Alan Spicer YT Tips


    SUB4SUB, BUYING SUBSCRIBERS & VIEWS, SPAMMING COMMENTS - THINGS NOT TO DO ON YOUTUBE [CHAT & Q&A] There are many bad habits that some small YouTubers lean on to try and grow their channel. Sub 4 Sub, Buying Subscribers, Buying Views, Spamming Comment Sections, View Bots, Subscriber Bots, View...
  16. M

    Other Horror channel looking for people to collab

    I recently had to start from zero and am looking for horror themed channels to collab with.
  17. VRONA

    I Apparently Have Subscriber Jumps That are "Suspicious"

    So in the past two weeks, two different people said I have "suspicious" subscriber growth rate and subscriber activity, when I asked them for advice. They said it looks as if I done sub4sub or got a whole bunch of fake subscribers. Here is a good example on a thread where I asked "What Could...
  18. Tania Ferguson

    Beauty/Makeup Makeup Collaboration (French)

    Hi friends i'm looking for some cool people who want to collaborate with me, i'm a new french youtuber. If your interested you can email me at: Bye, xoxo Tania
  19. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Sub4Sub? How This Can HURT Your YouTube Channel

    Sub 4 Sub? Should I Sub4Sub? Getting YouTube Subscribers can be hard when starting out and people always ask How To Get YouTube Subscribers. But begging for subs, buying subscribers and trading subscribers in Sub for Sub could be hurting your channel and may even get your YouTube Channel banned...
  20. ogelove

    Other I want someone to collab with,am into Entertainment and beauty

    hey great youtubers ,my channel is all about Entertainment and new just like a week old. looking for great collb to improve my views and sub..... thanks and keep smiling...****cheers***
  21. BrinoVlogs

    Dumbest Trend of 2017?

  22. Dead Joe

    I fell for sub4sub

    Hey all, Probably a lot of post on here about this, but wanted to talk to some people who have started out falling for the sub4sub crap. So there I am, fresh faced youtuber wondering how the hell do I get people to notice my channel. Upon searching "how to get subscribers" the page fills up...
  23. Qball


    Support me by viewing my livestream and subscribing to my channel. THanks!!
  24. sethwins

    Gaming Collaborations

    Hey everyone I have a low subscriber count and thinking maybe some collabs would be good for a boost in subscribers no real requirements although I don't record PlayStation. if you are interested reply to this thread or add me on Skype at "sethwins gaming" or "smoof65". if you would not want...
  25. Timothy Scarborough

    New Channel 0 Subs

    Hey What's up you guys I uploaded my first video on YouTube and I was wonder if you guys could please give me some feedback. My channel name is TimmyBravo. Thanks in advance
  26. S

    Meet Up/Gathering SHOUTOUTS&COLLABS

    So I'm guessing you need a shoutout or you want to collab with other youtubers so you can gain more subs well that's what we all want and I'll be happy to help just let me know and I'll shout you out and we could collab
  27. Adelle

    Tell Me What You Think ! ^^

    So, I'm a very strong noob when it comes to trying to entertain people with my videos. I'm also considerably shy. So, I'm gonna show you a video where I tried my best to express my true personality in the video. Kinda Please tell me what you think and how you feel about my video in the comments...