1. PMW

    More views on "creator studios"

    So I don't know how to state this perfectly but when I got to creator studios and look at my views per video it always has more than when I just visit my channel regularly. I have a video on the start of my page that returning subscribers can see and that video has 10 views on it but when I go...
  2. A

    Youtube Partner Money Problem

    Hello Guys My name is Ahmet and I joined new. :) My Partner is Maker Studios Network and Paypal is closed in Turkey. About 10 months i cant Money. And I could not get my Money. But 2 month ago i sent message and maker studio want my Wire Transfer information contract. And 2 month ago I sent to...
  3. Y

    Maker Studios 3 Contact?

    I need to Contact somebody from there as soon as possible. I haven't been able to sign into my Maker Studios 3 account for over 2 years. I also applied & i'm underage, so when I told my parents I linked my checking account to something that wasnt paying me and that I couldn't and haven't viewed...