strategies and techniques

  1. TheEzeJC

    Should I make videos for growth or personal fulfillment?

    Hey I’m Eze, I have recently been trying to get back to my YT channel after not recording for over a month, but I’m struggling deciding what to record. I want to grow my channel and have fun, but it seems I can only do one. For example, I want to upload videos about smash bros, valorant, and...
  2. ProXima123

    Visuals, Music, Voice overs

    What way do you prioritize conveying your videos? Do you place visuals as the most important aspect to represent yourself and your videos? Do you focus on music to get your ideas or themes across? Do your videos consist of only your voice to express your thought, opinions etc.? Is it a mixture...
  3. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    How to make great tutorial videos?

    Hey guys, I have a YouTube channel where I make tutorials & advice videos.It's a proper educational channel.My tutorials are based on photoshop, premiere pro, youtube tips etc.Well, my target is to make the best tutorial on YouTube.So I need a little help from you guys.What's makes a tutorial...
  4. ProfessionalRik

    Increased Popularity Outside Home Region

    I've noticed that I'm more popular in other parts of the world than in the States. Not complaining; just wondering if this is happening to anyone else or if anyone can think of a way I can build on this potential fan-base. Back when I was on twitch regularly, my most active follower was...
  5. W

    Favorite type of videos?

    whats your favorite type of content on YouTube and what videos do you watch most?
  6. TonyOutPlaysYT

    Need some advice on growing my audience!

    Hi guys I am new to the youtube scene! To start off, during thanksgiving break I started to re-upload videos and I have been growing ever since. I had about 22 subs, and as of right now I have 152 and 2000 total views on my channel. I want to hit my goal of 1000 subs by my birthday which is New...
  7. F

    Where do I belong? (On youtube)

    This blog is for those interested in building a community or finding a community to call home. While I am no expert I have some simple tips to help you apply. Step 1: Who are you? We all hear that actions speak louder than words. Well who you are speaks louder than who you aren't. If you want...