1. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    How to make great tutorial videos?

    Hey guys, I have a YouTube channel where I make tutorials & advice videos.It's a proper educational channel.My tutorials are based on photoshop, premiere pro, youtube tips etc.Well, my target is to make the best tutorial on YouTube.So I need a little help from you guys.What's makes a tutorial...
  2. W

    Favorite type of videos?

    whats your favorite type of content on YouTube and what videos do you watch most?
  3. Robot Elixir

    Just hit 100,000 views! On the path to 1k subs

    I've just passed the 100,000 views mark on my channel - YAY!!!! My channel is now 2 years old and I'm super excited with this achievement. I'm hoping to reach the 1k subscriber milestone soon and to be honest I thought I'd have reached that sooner, but I'm not complaining. At least people are...
  4. Nutella


    Hey guys, whats up? I need some helpful advice and strategies to grow my channel. I have been doing YouTube for quite a while now probably about a year. I'm just not growing, i barley get subs or views. I think my thumbnails, banner, and everything are pretty good and a lot better than majority...
  5. Derrick Toys

    What schedule do you have to upload daily?

    How do YouTubers manage time wisely and what schedule works best for you to upload daily and still have a "normal life"? For example, I have a week footage for our new channel Kids Fun Reviews featuring my toddlers (which is a job in itself lol) and I would like an idea how youtubers spend on...
  6. KantoGaming


    Hey 'Tubers! I have a new intro setup. I heard that a good technique to have in the beginning of your videos is to show a funny clip/interesting clip in the beginning to grab the audience attention, and then you have have a short intro clip if you want after that. So thats what I did!! If I...