stardew valley

  1. SpartanYT

    So Peaceful You Won't Believe It! | Stardew Valley #1

    I just bought and played Stardew Valley and it's amazing! Here's the first episode of it. I hope that you all enjoy it :D
  2. MilkingBanana

    What other games can I play?

    So recently, I have been playing some internet games and record it for my channel. It was actually pretty fun but now I actually want to play a legit downloaded game. Now as a Minecrafter, a Stardew Farmer and an Osu! player, I generally don't have any other games to play other than those...
  3. MrButlerC

    RE:Game Channel Updates

    This thread will shows my video content updates! I will post when I finished uploading on Youtube! Enjoy!! :D
  4. CandyPhantom

    Starting a Farming Life?! [Stardew Valley]

    Guess what, I'm a farmer now! Yes, Cady got fed up with her job, so she quit and is now taking care of the inherited farm from her grandpa. Join me in my first day of being a hippie farmer!
  5. PsySpy Gaming

    Three Seasons Down..

    One.. Well.. Five to go.. Just started Winter Year 1 in Stardew Valley, I must find a way to beat Hidden Flame this season or the Challenge is pretty much over. Oh Noes. What shall I do to determine my fate? I have a couple ideas.
  6. PsySpy Gaming

    Hickvoice in Stardew Valley

    This is the first video in which I do the hickvoice for Stardew Valley. I've gotten a couple wtfs but a lot of people find it rather funny so I'm wondering if I should keep doing it.
  7. MapleStream

    Stardew Valley Part 7 | Adventurer's Guild

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another video. This is Day 7 of my Stardew Valley adventure. Today I just turn in a few quest, say happy birthday to Lewis, join the Adventurer's Guild and attempt to test my luck with fishing again.. If you enjoy the video, please leave a like or a...
  8. MapleStream

    Stardew Valley Part 6|Being One with the Forest

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another video! This is going to be Day 6 of my playthrough of Stardew Valley :) Today I get a letter from the wizard in the western forest and I pay him and visit. What happens next is a bit interesting to say the least.. Also Leah is still bae what else...
  9. MapleStream

    Stardew Valley Part 5 |Exploring the Mine

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome to Day 5 of my Stardew Valley Playthrough. In today's video, I get to explore the mine that was previously blocked by a landslide caused by Joja and find some neat things. I also find out why Leah is bae :) I f you enjoy the video, please leave a like or a...
  10. MapleStream

    Stardew Valley Part 4 |WHERE THE SPRING ONIONS AT????

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another video. This is going to be Day 4 of my Stardew Valley playthrough. This game is definitely an interesting game and I'm only on Day 4 xD In today's video I set off on a journey to find none other than spring onions. Did Ray ever find the spring...
  11. MapleStream

    Stardew Valley Part 3 |Exploring the Town and Such

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to Day 3 of my playthrough of Stardew Valley! In today's part I fixed my messed up fence and go around stalking the villagers and become great friends with everyone :) Also Leah is bae XD If you enjoy the video please consider leaving a like or a...
  12. MapleStream

    Stardew Valley Part 2| The Struggles of Fishing

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to part 2 of my playthrough of Stardew Valley. On Day 2 of my farmer life I learn how to fish and boy was that a struggle. Also I have some ocd issues and fixed up my yard a bit. If you guys enjoyed the episode, please leave a like or a comment, they go...
  13. MapleStream

    Stardew Valley Part 1 | Cloud 9 Farm

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to a new game playthrough! Today I'll be exploring the game Stardew Valley. This is my first time playing the game so don't flame me if I don't know what I'm doing XD. Screw the normal life, all aboard that farm life bandwagon! If you enjoy the video please...
  14. Porky

    Stardew Valley! - Let's Play

    Hey hey hey I'm Porky and this is my new series. This is a very Harvest Moon esque game so if you like Faming Simulations then this is good, I also encourage go buying it! Woo! Anyway here is the first EP :p PLAYLIST LINK: