star wars (film series)

  1. Mark Stise

    Opening a Playlist with 25 videos at the same time.

    Hello everyone: I have an idea and I would like to get some input on it Now normally the number of videos in various playlists. I am planning on setting up a series of videos on the same subject (Star Wars the Clone Wars) These videos will be set to private until I have all 25 videos up and...
  2. S.A.D

    George Lucas desveres respect

    The three of us simply sit down in this video and give our opinions and talk about the reasons why George Lucas should not be slandered to the levels that he is.
  3. S.A.D

    Rogue One A Star Wars Story. Is it good?...or should to just skip?

    it's late coming, but after technical issues our Review for the prequel to the originals, but sequel to the prequels is ready and waiting! Enjoy and relax to me talking haha.
  4. IQguy

    Review/audit: Using the Force to Control BB-8 (with brainwave headset)

    Hi there, I'm a programmer at IBM, and I also occasionally help with social media. Another guy here made this awesome video: Use the The Force - Move a BB-8 with Your Mind: My concerns: This video is taking time to pick up steam in terms of views. Is there something we did wrong? What can we...
  5. KidCom


    You have waited years for the new Star Wars movie ? You feel angry because someone spoils the movie before you even have a chance to watch it first ? Join the internet police force to put the spoilers in jail!!!