1. Doctor Dano

    Collab CO-OP speedpainting!

    I am looking for a digital artist that wants to CO-OP in a speed-painting, from the comfort of your own home. XD Requirements: - Photoshop software for digital art - Record screen software - Minimum average 100 views per video (or more) - Minimum 80 subs on your channel (or more) - Drawing...
  2. CrimsartHD

    Need ideas for a text based speedpaint video!

    Hey, so I have trouble finding ideas to do my speedpaint video's about, was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I could do for my speedpaint videos. I would like to keep all my speedpaint videos of me painting people their requests or job's I was given by them. Like a banner or avatar...
  3. nia draws

    Hi Speedpainters!! :)

    First of all I'm so excited to see an Art forum here! I don't know if it was newly created or if I just missed it, but I'm super excited to hopefully meet other YT artists on here!! It's sort of difficult to find a place in the art community of youtube. Right now I'm finishing up a 30 day art...