1. OndaWire

    Get faster internet speeds guaranteed

    Get faster internet speeds guaranteed. You do not have to go out and buy anything. Home wifi systems are built to handle "on average" maybe 6-8 devices and this simple trick will stop your wifi from slowing down or buffering while streaming your favorite shows or gaming. Try it out and thank me...
  2. sphamedia

    Help a cafinated scotsman slow down!

    So like everyone else here I'm trying to improve my videos and the most common complaint i get is that I speak fast and its hard to understand, the problem is im Scottish, and most Scottish people talk so fast we barely finish our words, ive tried digitally slowing my voice but it sounds tinny...
  3. E

    Photoshop Logo - speedart - | #1

    This is my first video .
  4. cadetKei

    Speed Art: ''We fight at dawn''

    A speed art video. Yup.
  5. AuthorFilms Studios

    How to make videos upload quickly! [GUIDE]

    I couldnt post the link to the page I was going to share so I copied all of it here it here. :D Recommended upload encoding settings (Advanced) Container: MP4 No Edit Lists (or the video might not be processed correctly) moov atom at the front of the file (Fast Start) Audio codec: AAC-LC...
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