south africa

  1. R

    Vlog Any YouTubers currently travelling Africa? Looking for dope people to collab with :)

    Hey ho! I'm currently travelling down the african west coast and it would be amazing to travel or collab with one of you guys to create some dope videos :) If you're not in Africa or travelling full-time, no worries! Just reach out to me, I'd love to exchange and connect with you anyway :)...
  2. Jacquesvh

    From Cape Town to Canada (Vlog 085)

    We flew back from Cape Town to Canada and I recap on our short adventure with the family. Let me know in the comments what you think.
  3. Jacquesvh

    Our Table Mountain Adventure in Cape Town, South Africa

    We just got back from a trip to South Africa, spent two months there traveling all over the place, this is just a quick vlog from our last day in Cape Town and what we got up to before heading to the Airport. The next vlog, that drops today will continue on where this one stops. Let me know...
  4. Conncast

    Grand Strategy Letsplay TIPS NEEDED

    I am also LPing victoria 2, a game that is not often covered on youtube, this time as south africa, but I am looking into what I could do next. Also if anybody has any in jokes or what have you let me know ;) please leave any pointers that you may have for my gameplay or commentary
  5. Wowser Palooza

    New to vlogging! [enter vlog 2]

    I'm still new at this guys, please like, subscribe and comment. let me know what I'm doing wrong/right and what you want to see more of.
  6. Luyt TV

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone from Eastern Cape, South Africa?

    Hey there. So here from Luyt TV (a new YouTube channel of two brothers) we are looking to do some collabs and just get in touch with youtubers in general from our area. The general South African region even just for common ground if you see this post gimme a shout.
  7. Smug Thuggler

    Our Vines for November

    We started getting into the Christmas spirit this month. I hope you guys enjoy it. Any feedback here or on YouTube is always appreciated :D
  8. Smug Thuggler

    Our Vines for September

    A new month, a new vine compilation. Comments and feedback are always appreciated (On the forums or on Youtube)