sound fx

  1. Nedwin04

    Services Music for your videos

    Hey Everyone, I do sound design and write original music in different styles and genres for all types of visual media. So if you guys need any music or audio just hit me up either on here or by email at: My experience includes a music degree, a composition masters, and...
  2. sebasty010

    Services Free Music, Sound Effects, Loops (Original)

    ** Get more than 25 music tracks (many genres available: orchestral, pop, electro, ....) . ** Get hundreds of sound effects. ** Get many Loopable Tracks. And all of that is for free, just check my YT channel and read the videos description to find more info. I'm sorry that the number of...
  3. Lethality

    Voice Acting Experienced Voice Actor (Male, 20) looks for project!

    Hey guys'n'gals! I'm Chris, from Germany (GMT+1) and I'm looking for a project to help people with! On my channel you can't see any projects ofc, that's because my Voice Acting Channel is in German (I'd be mental to link it in an English forum) Just hit me up on Twitter: @Lethality112 or on...