1. Afternoon Tea

    Gaming Afternoon Tea Group - SEEKING NEW MEMBERS

    Hi all, we are a small and starting up YouTube group called "Afternoon Tea" consisting currently of 5 active content producers and looking to expand. We are currently mostly UK based but have members from other parts of the world as well. What we intend to create is a friendly collaborative...
  2. ShoopkoTube

    Hi everyone!

    Hi YTalkers! I haven't been here for a while now! Can you tell me how you liked the video and what I've been missing in my videos? Write down everything that you think I should improve. It can also help other YTalkers! ;) /watch?v=A0L7qJD4YXo Cheers!
  3. LordFrench

    Todays Vlog Is Nature

    Todays Vlog Is About Nature And Society As We ( I ) Know It