1. sequan123


    Hey guys im looking for someone to do a video with the Only requirement is to has to be gamming if you have any questions Just contact me
  2. sequan123

    Recruit an editor

    Hey guys i am recruiting someone that can edit my sniping videos for me all you have to do is email me or go on my youtube page and send me a massage or however you can get into contact with me
  3. sequan123

    Gaming Cod collab

    Hey guys this is prostatus and i want to colab with someone the requiremnets is only to have content that is not recorded by a phone look at my youtube channel on my profile the time this would be held is anytime just email me and we will talk another requirement is must be hd or if not send me...
  4. sequan123

    Who wants to collab

    hey guys check out my video and see if you want to collab with me i never really done it before
  5. sequan123

    YouTube Channel help

    hey guys this is prostatus and i am a youtuber who loves gamming i want to grow my channel hiigh as possible i want to make this my goal and my achievement my youtube channel is called Prostatus df plz guys help me get a least to a 1,000 subscribers