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  1. N

    Double Vision | PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Not a new concept but new for me. Hope you enjoy!
  2. sequan123

    Is my quality for my videos good enough?

    Hey guys i need opinions on whether or not my quality is good because i want to upload clear quality and not waste people time so check it out by clicking on my profile and remember if you like the content i have just subscribe for more content.
  3. sequan123

    Is my content good enough?

    Hey guys i wondering what your opinions to see if my content is good enough to join a clan or something just clink on my channel on my profile
  4. Crooked T

    Learning Spanish & Sniping | Halo Mcc

    Hey guys i hope you liked this video im such a div, please let me know what you thought and stay tuned for more :D