1. Honest G33K

    How to shoot better videos on a smartphone?

    Hi guys and I have a quick question. I've been wanting to make videos a whole lot more, but when you don't have anyone around to help with shooting, it's kinda a put off. How do you take good videos with a smartphone camera(that is the only thing I have right now). How to adjust the focus? How...
  2. U

    Turn Your Smartphone into a TV | Miniature Tech

    I tried harder to level-up my content quality with this video. Appreciate any feedback, Thank yoo. :)
  3. OndaWire

    Magnetic phone accessories? This is a must have

    No more dropping your phone and looking away from the road when you get that text or call. Review of the MaxBoost magnetic car mount. This is one tech phone accessory everyone MUST have. Phone mounts in cars are the one cool accessory that most people overlook. These work with Android, iPhone or...
  4. UnboxingSve

    How cool is this smallest controller for any smartphone

    I did a review and some gameplay on the smallest game controller that can work with any smartphone both IOS and Android. It works also for Windows and Mac OS.
  5. UnboxingSve

    If you are making your videos with smartphone, then you need to have this item!

    Best smartphone stabilizer for only 125$, check my detailed review on it:
  6. SeanFace101

    How do i record a video of whats on my phone screen?

    How do i record a video of what I am doing on my phone? I want to make a video of me playing a game on my IPhone 6. :P