1. N

    Slideshow. Can this type of video be monetize ?

    Hello everyone, My friend recently started a travel channel on youtube and his pattern is relatively simple. It is a photo slideshow with informative text and music. Italy Top 3 Best and Most Beautiful Places to Visit - YouTube All his photos and music are taken on sites such as pexels...
  2. M

    Reused content or not

    Hello, Could you please tell me that this creations are reused content or not? It is very helpful to me. links are below
  3. Fox Beat

    What kind of slideshow video should i made?

    Dear you guy's I have a question like mentioned on this thread title, can you help me please?! Somebody tell me that a photo slide video is also a great choice for a beginner. But I'm confused, what kind of photo slide / slideshow video should I made? Please leave a comment below. Thanks for...
  4. Dadrules

    Inspirational Father Quotes