Please watch my K-Beauty Haul video!

    I've entered a contest and it would really help if I got more views and votes! I would also love to get some feedback on your thoughts about my video and hope that if you like Korean cosmetics, that maybe it was helpful to you!!! All it takes to vote for me at StyleKorean is following any of...
  2. jjwickings

    My Skincare Routine

    Here's my most recent video, detailing my skincare routine. Please let me know what you think!!
  3. A

    One Month Accutane Update

  4. A

    My Skincare Routine + Accutane Talk

    Hello! I posted a video with my skincare regimen while on Accutane. Skincare is very limited when on this medication so I didn't show what I use and how I use the products. I also talk about the skincare medication as a whole and my experience with it. :)
  5. itsnicksnider

    Beauty Favorites Part 2!!!!!

  6. itsnicksnider

    Giveaway!!! (illuMask)

    After taking a break from my channel, I am starting to upload again. So why not start with a giveaway!!!!