1. M

    Is it weird that I don't want people I know watching my vids?

    hey everyone, So today I went to post a clip of one of my videos on Instagram and a lot of people I know, don't know about my channel yet... So I didn't post it :unsure2: I don't know why, but I just suddenly started worrying about what they would think and I didn't want them to mention my...
  2. D

    Using Youtube to Overcome Shyness

    Hey guys! As you can probably tell by the title, I can be a pretty shy person. I've had quite a few moments where I'd start up my channel, then quit immediately, all because the thought of having a large number of people watch me felt way too intense. However, I thought YouTube would be a good...
  3. Altairsfriend

    Coming out of your shell.

    I have just begun my journey with YouTube so I don't have that many tips, but I know that in order to do well on this site you must come out of your shell. People like to watch videos of confident creators doing what they love. If they sense you are being reserved then they may say screw it and...
  4. Killerkat

    Commentary Tips?

    I'am a deadly shy person and can't say a word without being paranoid that one of my family can hear me talking to myself basically or that I'am going to mess up completely :( anybody have any tips to overcome shyness? or even just what to say? sorry for annoyance XD Thanks :)