1. EpicCrusher

    Any thoughts about iMovie?

    I'm considering using iMovie editor software and wondering if anyone has experience with this? Good or bad experiences? In my case, I think I do not need a very expensive editor software. I will just edit/cut video where I crushing things and add some music. Thanks for all opinions!
  2. EpicCrusher

    Something I could do better on my channel?

    Hi I have almost just started my channel EpicCrusher, uploading first video soon.. So I just wanted to ask if some of you could give me honest answer on how you think my channel is? something I missing or has done wrong? Something I can do better? Thanks! Best regards EpicCrusher
  3. EpicCrusher

    What do you want me to crush?

    Hi I have a new crusher channel on youtube where I crushing things with a big shredder machine and I need tips to what you think is entertaining to crush? I have order a big shredder machine that cost me total of 4500USD , I am excited to test it out! So if you have any ideas that could have...