1. Mark Stise

    Shout Outs!! What are the rules on Youtube???

    Hello Everyone!!! One of the things I like doing is Shout outs!!! I'm not the typical Youtuber who will post a video shout out for 50 plus Youtubers on one video. I do one video telling people why I like there channel, website or even restaurant. Generally I do a 2-5 minute video on the...
  2. TheKirkyLife

    100 Subscriber Thank You! (The Future and Shout-Outs)

    I've hit 100 Subscribers! As a thank you I give a number of shout-outs but also look forward to the future of the channel and our community! Please get involved in the discussion in the comments!
  3. TheKirkyLife

    Channel Shout-Outs Competition! 100 Subscriber Goal!

    Does YOUR channel want a shout-out on mine? Then be sure to watch this video and enter the competition as I race towards 100 subscribers!
  4. WilBajamas

    Are shout-outs necessary to grow a Youtube Channel?

    Wasabi Guys!! I've been wondering for quite some time now, is it necessary to get a shout-out from bigger youtubers in order for your channel to grow? Not being greedy or anything, but I just wanna know. This question has been tickling my brain for weeks lol~~ Anyway, I appreciate any comments...