1. RealBananaCrafter

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaboration!

    Hey guys, this is RealBananaCrafter here. If anyone else is interested, I would like to do a collab in Minecraft. Rules: No swearing (if using voice chat), nobody under 20 subscribers, and only popular servers (i.e. Hypixel, Mineplex). reply to this thread, and you've got yourself a...
  2. Creeper140

    Gaming Looking For Minecraft Collabs!

    Hi, I am 13 and I would like to collab and play some Minecraft PC! Please reply to me and fill out the information below. By the way, if you want to collab with me then you at least have to be 13 years old! Age: Gender: Language: Country: Amount of Subs: Skype Username: That'a All! Thanks! :)
  3. WillDP

    Cards Against Humanity ep. 1

    Hey guys, this is a video of me and my friends playing cards against humanity online. Some of the cards we get are very funny which makes for a very funny video. The servers also fail in the video which also creates hilarious reactions. Check out the video here: