second channel

  1. LandyVlad

    Showing 2nd channel to audience ? / Hiding subscriptions to other channels?

    Speaking of creators who have two channels eg The Detail Geek and The Detail Geek 2. When clicking on the channels tab it shows their 2nd channel. Whereas on mine it shows all the channels I am subbed to (when I only want it to...
  2. BrettTaylorYT

    Should I make a second channel?

    Hey so I have a channel that I do photography vlogs and scary videos on. I’m really enjoying it and love this channel. But I kind of want to do gaming and maybe even rants/news things as well. Should I make a new channel for that even though I’m just starting out? Or throw it all on one channel...
  3. HollywoodScotty

    What are the pros and cons of starting a second channel under these specific circumstances?

    I have a channel that I have been using for gaming content for about four years in conjunction with twitch streaming. The channel gathered something like 3k subscribers and my most watched video was ~30k views, while most uploads capped around 4-8k views before falling into obscurity. On a whim...
  4. K

    I've accumulated 200,000 total video views and 600 subscribers on my second channel!!

    My second channel (Life is Bright) is rocketing in views and subscribers! Sadly my main channel is not doing nearly as well. Either way, I feel like I'm making great content (for the meme and mashup community) and I'm proud none the less! :) I never imagined ever having over 100 subscribers haha!
  5. MikeSchimm

    Should I Make a New Channel?

    I have been considering making a new channel for a while now. I want to make one that doesn't involve me getting out as much and being able to do more stuff at home. Should I? Any suggestions<?
  6. L

    To start a 2nd channel or not? Need Advice

    I've been on youtube a few years and I've got over 55k subs, but my channel since the beginning (apart from very few videos that didn't perform as well) has always been about wrestling games and talking about wrestling over the WWE games. I've been wanting to post up different content...
  7. Mogawty

    Opinions on a Second Channel?

    Hey guys! I'm primarily a mobile gamer, and have amassed a decently sized audience for my time here. I mess around with different types of content from time to time, and am starting to feel I want to do more and more "different" stuff. I have a lot of.. like pros and cons personally regarding...
  8. Kyle Janulis

    Vlog and Content

    Hey, YouTube superstars! I have a serious question for all of you. If you do main video content should you create a second channel for vlog content? I don't have a big viewer base yet but want to grow however I put in a lot of effort into the main videos I make and they take much longer to...