scheduled uploads

  1. B

    Importance of uploading on a schedule?

    It doesn't seem a deal as big as some say this schedule thing is and I know it depends on the type of content and the "routine" the viewers of a channel are used to - but what about the sole fact that you're just starting with your science channel? To me as a beginner doing everything but the...
  2. The_Man_XX

    Best Day To Post a Video

    I was wondering which day of the week is the best to post a YouTube video. So that you can get the most views on it. Which day of the week do you post your videos?
  3. Kyle Laughlin

    Scheduled vs Public

    So this is something I've searched for quite a while now. Maybe someone with more uploads/experience has the answer from their own stats... do scheduled uploads not do as well (not get pushed correctly) vs regular public uploads that post as soon as finished processing??? Obviously for big...