scary stories

  1. ApexTV

    Other Got Any Scary or Strange Stories? We Got an Audience!

    Do you have any scary or paranormal stories? They don't even have to be real, but we would love to have you featured on our channel with over 175,000 subscribers. Here's what we're thinking. You upload a video telling your scary story as "private" to YouTube and send us the link. (via private...
  2. Please Don't Turn Around

    The Night Ariana Grande stayed at my hotel

    Would you please give me feedback on this video? From content to graphics and everything else. Much appreciated!
  3. Little Spook

    Is it good enough?

    Hey, I'm Little Spook. I was inspired by people like Be. Busta, and Mr. Nightmare to make my own channel where I read scary stories. I wanted to know if you guys thought I was good enough to post more videos like the one on my channel. Thanks ;)