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  1. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | I Found The Devil

    The wait is over Outlast 2 is finally here, this is part one where we get the story on how we ended up on creepy Arizona where insane cult people live, as a dedicated report we investigate a report and realize we have made a big mistake as we have to deal with the devil himself. Outlast 2 | I...
  2. AMX Gaming

    DeadTruth: The Dark Path Ahead | Pooch-Nuts

    In this gameplay of deadtruth the dark path ahead we head down the elevator and find pooch nuts a funny name that i give to these insanely mean wolves out for blood. about deadtruth the dark path ahead You play a character named Michael Anderson who's life from loss of his loved ones, turned...
  3. AMX Gaming

    Latest Horror Gameplay On Husk

    In this Husk Gameplay we begin our adventure, we are in a train it seems to be abandoned but why? something happens along the way and we crash. we end up in a town that also seems to be abandoned and has a ,very scary mystery. About husk: Husk is a down-to-earth survival-horror, about harm...
  4. AMX Gaming

    Stay Close | A Walk In The Park (game play, let's play)

    In this stay close indie horror game play, we take on the scary park once again, i get the crap scared out of me quite a few times but we finally conquer this scary place...but what awaits is only tougher as we get closer to what happened to this place About Stay Close: Stay Close is an...
  5. AMX Gaming

    The Scares Continue | Layers Of Fear: Inheritance

    We take a look at layers of fear: inheritance, a dlc of layers of fear where we now look at the painters daughter's story and how she was involved in the life of this mad man. The scares continue as we see the dlc and within each memory seen, deeper mystery is revealed as we search for answers...
  6. AMX Gaming

    Installation 19

    Installation 19 (demo) In this gameplay we take a look at this game, which has a lot to offer but still needs some fixes and because it's a demo we are limited as far as option, We need to find the documents and get out, but it's a lot easier said than done, darkness and spooky sounds make it...
  7. AMX Gaming

    Latest Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gameplay

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent, in this gameplay we begin to see what is truly goin on, we realize that there is more to this place that expected, we find what looks like an underground city or something like hell, we meet a man that is still alive and needs our help in order to be freed from the...
  8. MechaJake

    F#@%ING GL LABS CRABS! | Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion | #2

    Hey everyone! This is part 2 of my Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion playthrough. Enjoy! I'll have more episodes of this game coming out shortly as well as some Nioh gameplay.