1. Courtney Candice

    Getting roasted part 2

  2. Courtney Candice

    I got roasted

    I got roasted well my character louise Bubba got roasted and you wouldn’t believe her response. Check it out here.
  3. Courtney Candice

    Getting roasted part 2

    I let my views roast a picture of my character louise Bubba in this comedy sketch and well Louis has some strange replies.
  4. Gotcherz

    Commentary Looking For People To Do A Collab With

    I'm a 16 year old looking to collab with anyone who also does rants or commentaries, if you're interested and you're 15-17 then hit me up on my YT Channel.
  5. Kemono

    P$rn intro roasting

    Its that time of the week, and i'm excited for the first of many. enjoy!
  6. Kemono

    Roasting P$RN intros part 2!

    Happy Halloween Guys! Please enjoy this video were i watch the intro to p@rn videos and roast the heck out of them! Hope you get a laugh! Stay safe out there!
  7. Kemono

    Skyrim Remastered: Hilarious | Prologue

    The most amazing game of all time is played by yours truly. I hope you enjoy! I talk a lot of sh#t. but don't worry about that...
  8. Kemono

    ROASTING p**n INTROS (don't worry, it's sfw) (but maybe put headphones on)

    The intros to p**n videos are always the most hilarious and stupid things in the world, so i turn 'em on, and i roast the F@$K OUT OF THEM!!!! Enjoy!
  9. Kemono

    I GOT DE-RANKED PART 2 (I may have found the culprit)

    I think we got'em people...
  10. Andrew King


    Two friends go on the ultimate trek to the land of insults and hurt feelings. Enjoy!
  11. Cybrohazard

    I want to do a ROAST

    I want to roast this punk I found on facebook, I obviously wont give out any of his information. I was wondering if I could include pictures of his posts with his name blacked out and pictures of him with his face blurred?
  12. VictoriaKu

    Need Help

    Friends and I want to do a script that's like a Disney spoof, and we are looking for some help. None of us really know what we're doing. So some help would be appreciated with that! Also, on our channel we haven't done a roast yet but we couldn't think of any celebrities to really roast. So we...
  13. MisterJDiggidy

    How to Be on a DISNEY SHOW!

    Have you ever wanted to be on Disney Channel? Me neither. But here's a video on how to do it! Only 1 step! (btw, it's a parody video. I wish I didn't need to explain that but some people might take the video seriously...even though it's a comedy video. Oh well. You do you.) I hope you...
  14. SheepDreams


  15. TWIG gainzzz

    Comedy Anyone wanna start a youtuber drama ?

    OK well i have already done this before with a youtbe called black jaq and it went really well he got views and I got some subs. But I was thinking we could do a video where you take the p**s outa of my channel .. and get as mean as you want and I will shout you out in my video .. what you...
  16. Boredom Killers

    Roast me here if nothing else!

    Im asking for reviews and feedback on my channels early stages - and if nothing comes to mind, give me a roasting - it's been a long day and I could do with a laugh!
  17. SeedyPeady

    Commentary Roast and Toast (roasting battle series)

    Hey everyone, I am thinking of a youtube series called "Roast and Toast" in which I invite a new guest every week and using skype we do a roast battle similar to that which was recently on dramaalert against LeafyisHere and Pyrocycnical where we using dodgy roasts and we can even toast the...