road to 1000

  1. Zydash

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft YouTubers - 500+

    What's up all! After passing 500 and 600 subscribers, on the road to 1k subscribers, I knew it was time to further expand my horizons by looking for other small Minecraft YouTubers to collab with. Don't get me wrong, I do know several YouTuber friends with 100+ subs apiece, but their overall...
  2. tlegacytv

    Finally hit 100+ subscribers! Aw yeah!

    I finally reached over 100 subscribers after making videos or almost 4 months. I wanted to hit 100 subs before 2017 and I did it sooner than I expected. It started off really slow but for the last few weeks I have been having a nice steady growth on my channel and it is really nice. I actually...
  3. Jatzel

    100 Subscribers!!

    100 Subscribers!! I started my channel in early June and have made gaming or football related videos ever since. I surpassed 100 subscribers in the last couple of weeks and am very grateful. Thanks for your time Jatzel
  4. Zydash

    Surpassing 100 Subscribers

    So I hit 100 subscribers on my gaming channel so..wohoo! Currently, I'm at 120 but my growth has slowed down which kinda sucks but it is better than nothing for sure. I hope to hit my next goal which is 1,000 Subscribers. Might take a while though. But nonetheless, thanks for your time!
  5. tlegacytv

    10 subscribers! #thecomeup

    I shouldn't be as excited because I know it's not a lot but something about knowing people look forward to my next video that makes me extremely happy! I started my animation channel over a month ago because animation is something that I have always wanted to do. Thank you guys so much for...