1. P

    your experience with ytube

    Guys! i'm doing a research on ytube for my college paper and was wondering if yttalk community can help me get some insight by providing their valued responses Much appreciated!
  2. Goin' All Gamer

    The Complete Story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

    What is going on guys and today I am bringing you a new video in a new series on the channel! With Mankind Divided set to release very soon I've decided to go back and break down the complete story of Human Revolution for those of you who may have missed out on it! So kick back, relax and enjoy!
  3. Wallace white

    HomeFront:The Revolution

    HI! My name is Mega and my partner, Havoc would like to bring you to our channel and today we posted a gameplay of HomeFront:The Revolution - P.S. I hope you will enjoy the video.
  4. FraYoshi

    When You are nearly a Milestone..

    I'm actually nearly a milestone I set years ago and I'm feeling very strange......... :unsure: 8 subscribers to 500 ~5000 at 10k views But I'm experiencing many changes in my life, way to do things, work, minds... It started in a language but evolved in another.. It started as a random...
  5. ModestBudgetGaming

    Homefront: Revolution Beta Review!

    A little late but here's my thoughts on the Homefront: Revolution beta for Xbox One!
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