1. Sladee

    FARCRY 5 - Teaser Trailer BREAKDOWN! JasonSupreme JasonSupreme

    LOL I swear I can count it just looks like I held up a 4 because my thumb was hidden behind by my other fingers. I also wanted to address when I was saying "a More Modern setting" I was implying that the previous games were in places where there were not 1st World Countries, I know that they...
  2. Rolz

    Face Reveal for the subs!

    Hey guys here's a face reveal for my subscribers :D! facereveal video! Be gentle with the comments as I'm still learning :p Also new Anime video series starting on Wednesday and a Xenoverse 2 video on Saturday! (Double uploads!) ‪ Anyways hope you enjoy it & if you do, smash that sub button &...
  3. Rolz

    50 sub special - Face Reveal!

    Hey guys, just dropped my latest video! As promised to my subscribers this is my face reveal video. I'm still new to being in front of the camera so don't hate too much! ‪ Anyways hope you enjoy it & if you do, smash that sub button & help me reach my goal of 100 subs! Thanks for watching!
  4. JayPlays

    FACE REVEAL! w/Gameplay

    Hey guys! basically, i did a face reveal :D ive also decided to maybe keep the facecam whilst doing my videos, i hope you all enjoy