reused content

  1. L

    YouTube Monetization Application disapproved need help

    My application for YouTube monetization disapproved for the reason that I uploaded reused content.But I don't know which of my video contain reused content because all of my video was originally created by me. Is anyone who can help me how to solve this?. Sorry.I'm newbie here. Here's my...
  2. M

    Reused content or not

    Hello, Could you please tell me that this creations are reused content or not? It is very helpful to me. links are below
  3. TRnet

    Channel With 500Ksubs & 15 millions Views Per Month DEMONETIZED!

    Link To My Channel: t Hi, i have been on youtube for more than 3 years now, i have a channel where i make videos about a wide range of subjects, i publish compilations that i make and edit myself, i do my own...
  4. GlobalDayz

    Requesting Channel Review

    I'd greatly appreciate anyone who could provide me w/a channel review. I was recently demonetized last month due to "reused content" following 3 yrs of being a creator & I'm currently attempting to modify my channel & my style to meet the latest guidelines while awaiting response following...
  5. GlobalDayz

    Stock Footage considered "Reused Content" ?

    My channel was recently demonetized due to reused content as many other channels were as well to kick off 2019.. YT did not specify exactly what they considered on the channel to be reused so I deleted almost everything. Simply put I wanna resume creating videos but not for free.. I'm trying to...
  6. M

    Reused Content Monetization

    Hello i am an Youtuber who have 71.000 subscribers. My channel is from 2015 and my main content is gameplay with no commentary. Recently i got an email by saying my channel is not eligable for monetization due reused content. I never had copyright strikes etc my channel is in good condition...
  7. E

    Channel demonetized for "Reused content"

    So I've been working on this channel of mine for about 6 years by now, never encountered too big issues. It's a video game focused channel with 90k subscribers, which means that every single video I upload is always different, thus being impossible to be "reused" or a "duplicate" to something me...