resident evil 7 beginning hour

  1. Pierre Maynard

    GHOSTS ARE REAL! Resident evil 7 Biohazard (Demo)

    Come check out my brand new Horror Demo! Resident Evil has changed, but what did you guys think comment below thanks? :) Please leave a like and comment on my channel! as this video is not very popular lol :D I did make quite a bit of time producing this video, but i hope you like it :) Tara...
  2. BigBryanGames

    Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour Teaser Ending /// What's Behind the Door?!

    I decided to do a Let's Play of the Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour Teaser demo. Chances are a lot of people didn't see everything the demo had to offer before getting the "True" ending. Including missing out on a secret item and some riddles. :)