resident evil

  1. Maxemole

    Why Claire A is MUCH Better Than Leon A | Resident Evil 2 Analysis & Newcomers Perspective

    You saw the title. Welcome to Part 2 of my newcomer's Resident Evil 2 analysis. I hope you all enjoy!
  2. VsnGamez

    Gaming Resident Evil Village Gameplay

  3. WarriorDan

    Is Resident Evil 8 Worth Buying

    In this newest game review video, I review the recently-released action-horror game, Resident Evil: Village. As always, if you enjoyed this video, or found it informative, liking and commenting really do help get this video more views, courtesy of the YT algorithm!
  4. CorporalKilljoy

    Gaming New To the Gaming Community

    I'm a Veteran Marine and I play video games lol. I also like 2D Wamen and just looking to make and collab to bring y'all some entertainment I Go by "Motivated Gamer" on YouTube and My Icon is a big Green "MG"
  5. RenOperative

    Video Essay: The Future Of Resident Evil

  6. AMX Gaming

    I Need A Hand | Resident Evil 7: Biohazard #3

    Hello and welcome to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard #3 in this episode we are attacked by Mia yet again, this time she cuts our hand off so now i need a hand lol. As we move forward in the game we have a nice dinner with the family but what they want us to eat is not nice, it's time to find a way...
  7. AMX Gaming

    Somebody That I Used To Know | Resident Evil 7 #2

    Hi everybody and welcome to part 2 of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, we found Mia but there is something wrong, it seems like she is possessed by an evil spirit and she may now be somebody that i used to know, watch as it gets scary finding her and having her attack us. Get ready for scares, funny...
  8. AMX Gaming

    The End Of The Sewer Gators | Resident Evil 7: Biohazard #1

    Hello everybody welcome to resident evil 7 biohazard part 1 where our horror scary adventure begins, we start off strong by receiving a video message from our girlfriend clearly telling us to stay away but for some reason we think she is telling us to save her, maybe it's our desire to have her...
  9. Aaron Mendoza

    Resident Evil 7 Series! [PC Walkthrough]

    Hey guys do today i uploaded a Resident Evil 7 video part 1 though more to come as i finish the game! :) I never really played any resident Evil games so this was the first and i was a bit lost but i understand it now and i am sorta liking it. It's honestly scary and i only played the first...
  10. MultiDragon129

    MERCENARIES MODE - Resident Evil 5 [CO-OP] ARCADE #6 (¬、¬)

    Resident Evil 5 COOP #EXPERIMENTAL FACILITY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEY GUYS! this Resident Evil 5 Co-op Mercenaries Mode series yet another hectic stage so...
  11. MultiDragon129

    Resident Evil 5 ARCADE MODE: Mercenaries | OVERWHELMED!

    RESIDENT EVIL 5 | Arcade Mode | OVERWHELMED! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Guys, we are BACK w/ my cousin RICDRAGONZR4U to play some more...
  12. MultiDragon129

    (#3) Resident Evil 5 ARCADE MODE | SHE'S 13!!! °Д°

    RESIDENT EVIL 5 ARCADE MODE | SHE'S 13!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys, back for some more Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries Mode, I love uploading this...
  13. Justine

    Scary Secrets! | Resident Evil 7 Demo

    Happy Halloween! Let's celebrate this lovely holiday with a spooky game and spooky secrets within it! This is also the longest video on my channel that I've ever posted but it's totally worth every second! Thanks for watching! As always, any feedback is appreciated so let me know if you have...
  14. N

    Gaming Looking For Someone To Collaborate With

    I have been making YouTube videos for over a year and I only have 16 subscribers. Mainly I am looking to make videos with other people but there are reasonable requirements. 1: Age of 18+ 2: Good quality audio and video 3: At least 1 video a week 4: Uses Skype or something equivalent 5: Plays...
  15. MariachiGaming

    Resident Evil 7 Demo - FARMER SPOOKY PANTS!!

    Hey guys! We checked out the Resident Evil 7 Demo earlier and had a blast playing it! Thought we'd share it with you guys, hope you enjoy! :nailbiting::nailbiting::pompus::nailbiting:
  16. Justine

    NO MORE AMMO | Resident Evil

    I can't believe I wasted all my ammo....already....oh boy. So I'm FINALLY playing Resident Evil and I'm having a lot of fun!1 It's pretty spooky so you should check it out if you're into good old games!!