relationship advice

  1. Stefanie Davis

    How I felt the last time I went speed dating...

    You know how art imitates life or something like that? Well I went speed dating a couple years ago and decided to make a short film exaggerating how awkward it was. Enjoy!
  2. OndaWire

    You have to Love HONESTY

    This short 2 1/2 minutes video was my most fun one yet! GUYS and LADIES has this ever happen to you?? BE HONEST!! lol I know I was embarrassed but I handled it!
  3. Dr.Whatever

    Other Looking for channels to collab with or put in recommended list!

    I'm a advice channel. Typically for couples and singles advice but I give a range of advice. My channel's motto is It's Whatever, No, It's Dr.Whatever. In my channel I game a bit and make some skits. Honestly, It doesn't have to be that involved we could just shamelessly plug each other for...
  4. MasterDF


    New video, let me know what you think!