1. Novainfusion

    Epic Yasuo Ultimates.

    Hi all for any people who like the champion yasuo in the game league of legends. Here is a video of me doing some cool stuff with him. Hope you guys enjoy it.
  2. Novainfusion

    Pantheon top Destroys Gangplank (ranked platinum game)

    Hi all once again novainfusion here. Yesterday i destroyed this gangplank top. I wanted to share this with you guys. Have fun watching. Leave a Like, Comment or Subscribe. All Support Is Welcome :) Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  3. 42Blazing

    Gaming Looking For DANK Gamers To Join Our Podcast!!

    My friend and I are looking for people to be a guest or our third host on our podcast! Only requirement is to have a nice sense of humor! Twitter:@purlenix Skype:Harambesghost
  4. JacobofArabia


    Just a little video I did while I'm not able to make gaming videos THIS IS SATIRE! XD Enjoy!