recording software

  1. Y

    Can't record anymore

    This basically means that I have no idea what to do anymore. I've been using OBS for quite some time now. When I started using OBS I had no problems but after some time a problem came up in the form of : "encoding overload.....". I eventually found a fix and the problem was gone, even tho it did...
  2. aayan

    Which software is best for screen recording

    My recent software don't give me batter cervices. Which software is batter for video recording idea plz!
  3. CrimsartHD

    What recording software should I use?

    So at the moment I use Babdicam [Free Version] to record my videos, so I have to crop out the watermark but I would prefer to not have a watermark at all. Was wondering if there's any good free or cheap recording softwares anyone recommends. If it's of any relevance, it's for speedpaints.
  4. mostafagado

    Best Settings for Fraps

    Here i will guide you through the best settings for Fraps to give you the maximum possible quality. Video capture settings The following should be enabled: - 60 fps (If you can handle it of course) - Full-size - Force lossless RGB capture (This might slow the game down a bit but it can give...
  5. Mr. Mythical

    Looking for recording software

    hi does anyone know of a good software recorder. I need a good free one. I have tried a lot of them but they never work out for me. I NEED HELP!