recording advice

  1. A

    How to have manageable video size while recording using Android smartphones?

    I have Xiaomi smartphone with Android operating system in it. Whenever I record something using the front camera, even if just for a few seconds, the recorded video file size comes out to be very large as compared to the duration of the video. I say this because I have previously downloaded...
  2. M

    Recording youtube video

    Hi there! Im creating a prankvideo and have some shots with kids in it - approx 16 year old. Can I includes them and thier reactions? If so, must i blurr out thier faces or eyes? Furthermore if I have accept from adults to put it on Youtube, its okay right? Or does it differ from country to...
  3. DawnDawn88

    I want to turn one of my spare bedrooms into a youtube room!

    I need some tips on how to set up a budget youtube room. I will be starting it this month and hopefully will be able to use it this month as well. I have a desktop pc upgraded to windows 10 and a laptop running windows 8.1. I have an android phone with 2 camera's on it. I also have an action...
  4. KYLEX

    HELP!!! recording problems

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me out, i am using OBS for my recordings which i am practicing for, they save as an flv file firstly will that work when uploaded to you tube? and secondly when i watched my video back which i used MPC-HP for it looked fine until the 3d engine stated up then it...
  5. beardyben91

    Elgato Issues?!?

    Hey Hey, I have previously been using my PS4 game capture to record my videos and sharefactory to edit, but I have now taken the plunge and invested in the elgato HD 60! Only problem is I am getting serious tearing and lag issues, although I'm hoping I have fixed that now by tinkering with...
  6. Orangeguy587

    Screen recording software advice

    Hello all! 1. I am a PC gamer, but I do have an xbox one and windows 10 that I play on. I know those two can hook up and I can play console games through there. Which is neat since I want to record console games as well. 2. I need a screen recordig software that is free to download on my...
  7. Overrated Idiot

    What to record games on?

    hey everyone so Ive wanted to start my gaming channel for a while now but there has always been problems with recording. I currently am trying to get OBS to run but whenever I record its way too laggy and my computers pretty decent so it should run fine. It still lags when I mess with/lower the...
  8. UnicycleFight

    Best Versatile Camera in the $600-800 Range?

    I'm thinking DSLR or Mirrorless. I need it to do good indoor and outdoor shooting. I am currently investing in some cheap but professional lighting for indoor stuff so it doesn't need to be so great for low light. If you have example footage on your channel I'd love to see it!!!
  9. CrimsartHD

    What recording software should I use?

    So at the moment I use Babdicam [Free Version] to record my videos, so I have to crop out the watermark but I would prefer to not have a watermark at all. Was wondering if there's any good free or cheap recording softwares anyone recommends. If it's of any relevance, it's for speedpaints.
  10. New Eggroll69


    Im planning on getting an elgato hd60s but my friend told me i wiould need a buffed up pc. I have a laptop right now and its a toshiba satellite l755. It gets the job done but i dont know if i should get the elgato hd60 or just an elgato hd. Any suggestions?
  11. Justine

    To Facecam or Not to Facecam?

    That is the questions that's been bothering me for months straight! So I'm not sure if I'm even using the right forum for this, so please work with me here, but I've always wanted to know what people thought about using facecam stuff for their videos, specifically gaming videos of course. I can...