1. RealBananaCrafter

    Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    Hey guys, RealBananaCrafter here. I have been using a great screen recorder online. It records a customizable section of your screen, along with both microphone and system sounds. Many customizing options. Search up apowersoft on Google. Apowersoft also provides plenty of other tools. -RBC
  2. RealBananaCrafter

    Get Noticed

    Anyone have tips for how to really get noticed on YouTube? I've been going up only 1 sub and 20 views every few (2-5) days. All I've heard is "make good content" (I try a lot) and "post on forums" (I have G+ and this!). Thanks, -RBC
  3. RealBananaCrafter

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaboration!

    Hey guys, this is RealBananaCrafter here. If anyone else is interested, I would like to do a collab in Minecraft. Rules: No swearing (if using voice chat), nobody under 20 subscribers, and only popular servers (i.e. Hypixel, Mineplex). reply to this thread, and you've got yourself a...
  4. RealBananaCrafter

    Request New intro or channel art please!

    Hey guys, this is RealBananaCrafter here. I have been on YouTube for a few months, and have an introduction already. But it is not very good, and I would like it if I could have a new one. I am willing to pay up to 6 YT$ for it. Also, I need some channel art- willing to pay 4 YT$. Thanks! -RBC