reaction channels

  1. Qball

    Angelina Jordan - A Natural Woman Acoustic (Aretha Franklin Tribute) REACTION

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  2. S

    Will I be eligible for monetization for a Reaction Channel?

    I react to top 10 and top 5 videos. I do not react to music videos and movie trailer, just other people content that does top 5 and top 10. I think it falls into fair use so it should be fine? I know I have a new channel based on reacting to scary top 5 and 10's and I don't wan't to keep...
  3. Dawayne West

    What do y'all think of reactions channels

    So I used to have a reaction channel and I've thought about bringing it back I've been on the fence about it cause I dont want to be labeled as someone that " steals content for views or what not " what are you guy's thoughts on reaction channels??
  4. alilouk


    up lads! It's me alilouk and today I will be talking about how reaction channels are still an issue! On top of that, you can't believe who's back! I hate it when reaction channels just watch videos and don't even react apart from conveying some emotions through small head movements. If you...
  5. Josh Dove

    What makes a good reaction channel?

    I'm curious what you guys think or consider good. There's a lot of controversy regarding these channels, I even run one myself. I am a big gay fan girl, and when I react to something people are getting a genuine reaction and I try to always s**t my personality into each video. I've been on...
  6. thejoelwilliamsphere

    YOUTUBE REVIEW CHANNELS! Good or Bad for the community?

    Recently a few youtube review channels have come to my attention that have experienced an insane amount of growth - im talking 400,000 subs in 4 months! Some of these channels post a 2-5 videos a day, every single day of the week on popular trending topics so its no wonder they receive the...
  7. Shehzad

    Fair Use & Reaction Channels - My Explanation & RWJ Court Case

    What's up guys I discuss the factors of fair use under DMCA Law section 107 and try to analyse Fair Use on the four factors, talk about reaction channels and also what RWJ's court case means for us as YouTubers. Leave below any criticism or anything that I have missed, make sure to reference...